Kjerringholmen Cabin by Line Solgaard Arkitekter

This new cabin on Kjerringholmen has great south views toward the fjord of Løperen and Ytre Hvaler National Parks. Its shape and materiality are inspired by its site, meant to blend with the rocky terrain and vegetation. The cabin, built on stilts to disturb as little the landscape as possible, taking it as the extension of the indoor space, minimises the building’s footprint and the degradation of the site.

It is a small, detailed, cozy and efficient wooden cabin, intended to work together with the outside through an emphasis on the connection between exterior and interior, views and bay windows.

Location: Kjeringholmen, Stavanger, Norway
Design: Line Solgaard Arkitekter
Area: 60 m²
Year: 2022
Photography: Einar Aslaksen