Renovation and extension of a public swimming pool in Britanny by RAUM

Saint-Méen-Le-Grand is a small town located in French Brittany. The old public swimming pool of the town could no longer accommodate its inhabitants and respond to the learning needs of swimming for the youngest.

The rehabilitation and extension project is therefore part of this dual issue of restoration (contemporary issue necessary to save resources) and extension in the immediate proximity of a listed heritage building. The project is based on the existing structure, made up of a cluster of small wooden and slate buildings. A black wooden skin makes offers thermally insulation for the entire project while giving it back architectural coherence and legibility in this heterogenous site.

The new covered pool therefore integrates this relationship respectful of the existing while offering a certain abstraction by the Ecpole Le Petit Princeroposal of a large solid volume floating above a pool open to the landscape.

The architecture is at the service of the community by questioning how the work on heritage building can combine contemporaneity and environmental quality by reusing as much as possible the various constructions built over the years.

Location: Saint-Méen-Le-Grand, France
Design: RAUM
Year: 2023
Photography: Charles Bouchaïb